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                               Destroyer game

1.Destroyer  -- is a simple  2 level game developed by Dmitry Akulov

2.Game Overview

2.1The concept name is Destroyer

2.2 Genre: FPS,TPS;

2.3 Target audience: students;

2.4 game flow Summary:The player is using keyboard and mouse to control the mechanic of the character,shooting,destroying the obstacals using the mouse,can also switch the camera using the keyboard.

2.5 Look and Feel: The game was tested by me,my friend and some students from game design and game programming classes.Commonly they left positive recommendations,but also i need to add couple of updates in camera and controller.

3.Gameplay and mechanics


3.1.1 Mission/Challenge structure: There are two levels in the game.The first one is pretty simple, the second is much more challenging

3.1.2 Puzzle Structure:in the first level there is no any puzzle,but the second one is has puzzle structure,because it has confusing maze.

3.1.3 Objectives: The player need to destroy 50 toxic boxes or cans,either reach hidden same home.

3.2 Mechanics

3.2.1 Physics :I developed the physics imitating the real world for character and for different objects(all of them have rigidbodies and mesh colliders)

3.2.2 Movement in the game: For the control and movement of the main character the keyboard and mouse should be used.

3.2.3 Objects: The objects such as boxes and cans can be destroyed by your gun

3.2.4 Buttons: W--forward; S--back; A--left; D--right; mouse 0--fire; Space--jump; C--switching the cameras;

3.3 Game options: 1.The game doesn’t have real enemies;

                             2. You can never stop;


                             4.night and day;


4. Story or narrative;

The world is in danger of biological and chemical catastrophe.Your character is ranger who need to destroy and deactivate toxic dangerous wastes.The same time your character must be all the time in movement otherwise he will die of poisonous fumes which can destroy his nervous  system in a second if you are standing.In case if you are too coward and you are not caring the fate of your planet,you may try to find safe place.

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