Update 6

This week I  need to finish my last updates.I decided to make  a  game more complicated. So  this is what i did for that:

1. I ve added more obcticales,change landscape

2. I ve added the second level.

So I ve  added more obsticales till the unity started to glitch.But anyway the first level is still pretty simple,because  i want the testers or player to adobt to the mecanic of the game and find out all the mistakes which he can avoid.

And the second option that i ve added is the whole new level,much more challenging with hundreds obstacles, which player have to avoid.And dont forget, the player cant stop  more that 2 seconds.Right now i m in the process of connecting the level 1 and two.

After that my project gonna be finished.The rest time i will spend for polishing and testing. Hope you will enjoy my game.

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