Update 5

Today I ve added some new final obstacles to my game.

1.Code for interval of time.

2.Toxic boxes.

Let's talk about  first statement.So  I ve made a code for interval of time ,kinda timer.It works like that your character always have to move forward  in search of safe location(his home).If the player gonna stop more than 5 seconds, he will die.And  you will only 5 seconds for the whole game to make super short stops to shot and destroy toxic boxes on your way.

So now let me explain you the second statement.I made over  150 toxic boxes on the whole game area.Of course that the player can't touch or collide them,as he will die immediatly .In this case  you need to switch to FPC mode,pressing key C.After you will use your weapon to destroy and deactivate toxic boxes on your way.

Future updates:

I ve almost finish my game project,only tiny updates ,testing and polishing left.Also in my current prototype moving   zombies as enenies are still used.But i ll deactivate and remove them in final prototype. Now they are only for fun.

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